Dr. Jayme Joslyn, High School Transition Staff Developer

Pinellas County Schools

(727) 588-5079


Katia Roussos, ESE High School Specialist

Pinellas County Schools

(727) 588-5125


​Yata Fields, School Counselor

Pinellas Technical College

​(727) 538-7167 Ext. 2020


Kristen Redding, FDLRS Gulfcoast

(727) 793-2723 Ext. 2041


Federico Valadez, Project 10 Regional Transition Rep.


(941) 920-4317

About PINCS!


P I N C S Board

Pinellas Interagency Networking Council for Students (PINCS) was founded in 2010 by Dr. Mildred Reed, Pinellas County Schools and Federico Valadez Jr., Project 10.

PINCS was created to support and enhance coordination of services and supports for students with disabilities, and to assist students and their parents in accessing these services.

We are a  forum of agencies, school professionals and employers that meet to exchange ideas, services and information while advocating for these students.

PINCS serves as a catalyst for community resource development while pairing a student’s needs and interests with appropriate agencies.

Our meetings are open to all agencies, employers and self advocates that are interested in benefiting the progress of Pinellas County transitioning youth with disabilities.

To increase the availability and accessibility of quality transition services for students with disabilities.​