IDEA, 504, and ADA: What is the difference?

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Transition Services Help a Student Move from School to Post-School Activities. The purpose of transition planning is to provide your young person with the services and supports he or she needs to make a successful move into adult life. The IEP team identifies the services that will help your young person make this transition. The team includes you, your young person, and teachers. When developing the IEP to be in effect when your young person turns 16, the team may also include representatives of agencies that are likely to provide or pay for services. Agencies can only be invited with your consent or the consent of your son or daughter who has reached the age of majority.Transition services are a coordinated set of services that help students prepare for post-school activities, such as:
•    Post Secondary Education: University, College, Career Technical, Continuing Education Programs  
•    Employment
•    Independent living
•    Community involvement